There you are!

Are you a visionary entrepreneur busy and stressed with too much on your plate?

Dealing with clients, managing your team, and adhering to deadlines…

And with the limited number of hours in the day, there's only so much you can do, right?

It's not your fault that documenting your business processes has slipped down your priority list. After all, it requires time, energy, and expertise to do it correctly. 

Seriously, who has them all?

But you do realize that you absolutely need to document your processes in order to scale up, right? 

Think About It For A Second…

You can't just go about reinventing the wheel or looking through your handwritten notes to know what needs to be done when, or can you? 

Wouldn’t you like to onboard new employees quickly and effortlessly without having to tell them every single thing about your business yourself?

Don’t you want your business to operate effectively without you in charge or even when your key employees quit?

Then get a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) drafted to document all your business processes. 

But Let's Face It: Documentation Can Be A Daunting Task!

From carefully identifying your business processes and documenting each step in the correct order to reviewing and documenting in an easy-to-understand manner…

How do you make sure you get it all done properly and that too, without spending your time and energy?

"I can't believe the impact SOP creation has had on me and my business. From being overwhelmed with responsibilities to doing everything by myself, I have now successfully delegated responsibilities and provided a clear roadmap to my team. It has given me the freedom to focus on other important things as now I know that everything will get done just how it's supposed to. Highly recommended for all entrepreneurs!”

-Jake Freeman

If you are still here it means you want to Enhance productivity, improve communication, eliminate errors, and save time and energy – all at once.


Well, This Is Exactly Where I Come In.

I am a Certified Director of Operations with almost a decade in operations. Process documentation (SOPs) is one of my natural gifts and I enjoy helping my clients streamline their operations.

I have worked in some service-based businesses that didn't know what SOPs were, they were too busy to document or hadn't updated their SOPs since it was last put together.

And let me tell you what they are losing as a result of not spending time to get this part of running a business sorted, they aren't ABLE TO GROW & SCALE!

Here's How I Go About Writing SOPs for You:


1. I sit down with you to understand the way your business operates.

2. Together, we shortlist the processes that need to be documented.

3. You are more than welcome to provide any additional resources and information to help me get started.


1. You record a max. of 5 mins video using loom or zoom while completing the tasks that need to be documented.

2. Create a folder in your google drive and share the link with me.

3. Sit back and relax while I get to work.


1. Simple, specific, easy to understand, and crystal-clear SOPs – delivered in Google Docs on our agreed-upon deadline.

2. You can review the document and feel free to ask for changes.

3. 30-day email support to resolve any issues that might have been missed.

This offer is for you if...

  • You are a service-based entrepreneur wearing all the hats in your business.
  • You want to get high-quality work done, every time.
  • You want to enhance productivity and save a hell of a lot of time and energy.
  • Your goal is to organize, streamline, run and grow your business on your terms.
  • You looking to scale by bringing on team members.
  • Making consistent 5 & 6 figures is your goal for 2022.
  • Taking a vacation without switching on your laptop is a DREAM!
A phenomenal session  Beatrice is an absolutely phenomenal coach. I was really struggling with a clear direction for my business which was on the brink of collapse but after my session with her, I felt the clarity. I felt hope-filled. She was real and gave me solid advice even on a personal level. As a young entrepreneur, she helps me push the blockages that were in the way. I owe it to her for giving me and my business a new perspective and drive. I highly recommend sitting down with Beatrice, today!

"Why didn’t I get SOPs created sooner for my service-based business – that’s my only regret. It sure would have saved me so much time, to grow my business sooner. I can’t tell you enough the importance of getting your business processes documented by a professional like Beatrice. Trust me, it will absolutely do wonders for you just like it did for me.”

- Michaela Visser



  • 5 SOPs - £497
  • 10 SOPs - £899
  • 15 SOPs - £1299
  • Strategy session - £397


What do I need to provide you to get started?

If there’s anything that you’ve written down about your business’s processes, you can send it over. 

I am not sure what I should document, can you help?

Yes, I absolutely can. Let’s talk and I can personally guide you after understanding the way your business functions.

What are your deliverables like?

I deliver the SOPs in Google Docs – the processes are listed in a sequence and all broken down into shorter bits to enhance understanding.

I don’t have a team, should I invest in SOP creation?

Absolutely, it will help you get organized and have a procedure to follow without scrapping through your handwritten notes to find how "how to do a task" each time. It would also, create a good working environment when you finally decide to bring on a team.

Do you provide ongoing support?

I offer 30-day email support for any further questions or concerns. But any other support would have to be purchased as an add on where I come in quarterly to update your SOPs.These are living documents that need to be updated regularly.